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The Travel Scoot Shopper is by far the world’s lightest, compact electric mobility scooter

. 26 lbs. (12 kg). With our Shopper model we have reduced the weight by an astounding 30%, to just over 26 lbs. (12 kg). With the seat and battery removed, it weighs just 15.4 lbs. (7 kg).

We made this possible by using smaller wheels 6″ (150 mm) x 1.2″ (30 mm) and a smaller, 100-watt hub motor. With a top speed of about 2.3 mph (3.7 km/h), it is suitable for crowded environments such as cruise ships, shopping centers, pedestrian zones, fairs, museums and exhibitions. For safety reasons, these types of facilities require top speed to be limited to walking pace. The Shopper is also well-suited for persons who either can’t, shouldn’t or do not wish to drive faster. Nonetheless, riders can easily keep up with regular pedestrians. Due to the narrower wheels, the rolling resistance is significant lower. This, combined with the smaller motor, result in an incredible 35% increase in range per charge with the same battery! The maximum load is unchanged at 320 lbs. (145 kg), owing to the virtually identical frame structure. Length and width are slightly less as a result of the smaller wheels. For this reason, the Shopper is intended for use on solid, level ground and low thresholds. Heavier customers will not be able to ride on turf surfaces, but other than that, the Shopper will go wherever the regular TravelScoot ™ can. While climb performance is limited and very much load-dependent due to the lower-power motor, the Shopper can still carry a rider weighing 220 lbs. (100 kg) up a 6% wheelchair ramp.



Technical specifications:

  • Total weight: 26 lbs.
  • Weight without battery: 22 lbs.
  • Battery weight: 4 lbs. (air-travel approved lithium-ion)
  • Heaviest part (lower frame) 17 lbs.
  • Maximum rider weight: 330 lbs.
  • speed: approx. 3 mph
  • For scooter dimensions,

Included items:

  • 274Wh lithium-ion battery (approved for air travel)
  • Lithium-ion battery charger (universal voltage; 100 -240 VAC)
  • Large duffel bag for carrying and storage (not recommended for air travel)
  • Caddy (canvas basket)
  • Tool kit
  • Seat spacers