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Fort Knox FORTBALL is a match level professional ball size 5. . IMS certified. About this item Available in Size 5 only. A perfect choice for the Professional player!

This is not a replica. Construction / Technology, Patented Accented Cover Material-PU Leather Superior Performance – Patented ACENTEC structure. Our machine sewing technology, over a cushion foam layer, produces a smooth, seamless cover that cannot be accomplished by hand sewing. The result is a uniform surface and reduced water absorption, ensuring exceptional performance that is not affected by weather conditions. Seamless for ultimate ball control. A surface that enhances the flight stability – The textured surface of the ball reduce turbulence and stabilize it while in flight. This enhances ball control, resulting in more accurate passes and shots.

Made in Pakistan.


Product Construction Material Texture Lining Bladder Ball size  Ball weight
Fortball 32 Panel Hybrid PU Anli Quick Silver 1.20mm Texture 2.0mm EPDM foam + 2.5mm EPDM Patch Rubber Bladder wound with 2200 Yards of Polyester yarn 5 410-450

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